Benefits of visiting a shopping center in haninge during the weekend

During the weekend we have time for relaxation and socializing with friends and family. A good place where there is something for everyone is at a shopping center in Haninge. Clothing stores, gyms, toy shops, restaurants, home & furnishings – it’s easy to spend the weekend hours.

Start with a delicious lunch at any of the dining places where you can choose from food from all corners of the world. How about Italian, sushi, hamburgers or why not a good salad? It will be a perfect start to the weekend and everyone in the family will be able to find something good to eat. Then go to one of the clothes shops and enter the latest fashion or let the kids get a fun tough on TS Adventure. There’s everything from puzzles, calendars, hobbies and fun games.

Or why not take care to book an intensive training session at Nordic Wellness? They offer childcare and a variety of fun group training passes and modern machines. With a variety of activities, restaurants and shops in the same shopping mall , this makes for a perfect weekend activity with friends or family. At Haninge you will also escape the congestion that often occurs inside the city without having to take you very far outside the city for that matter. At a mall you can eat, exercise and shop everything from clothes and books to home and beauty , all gathered in one place.

Willys Haninge – for a smoother week end

At Willys in Haninge you can shop for everything before the weekend’s festivities. With a wide range of organic produce, fresh vegetables and freshly baked bread, you will be able to make a dining table in the kitchen. Or why not be careful to bake cold and freezer with a lot of good food before the coming week? The weekend is a perfect opportunity to week-end when everyday evenings shine past faster than you can blink, and then it would be nice to already have everything you need at home. Willys is a low price chain where you get a lot of food for your money. So forth with the food slip and pick up all the smashy ingredients and reasonably priced baskets that you feel hungry in the basket.

Fix the style and visit Outlet by MQ in Haninge

Another thing that means that the weekend is to inspire the latest fashion. Now the spring has finally begun to show up well and the stores are filled with pastel tones and happy floral patterns. Be sure to take a rich shopping round on your vacant day and secure the style for the coming week. Or maybe you have some lovely festivities planned for the evening? Outlet at MQ offers great clothes at the Port73 in Stockholm, and there you will be able to find a nice outfit without problems. There you can be sure to find the latest when it comes to women’s and men’s fashion. Welcome to your shopping center in Haninge next weekend and find your new favorites!