Start working out at a gym in haninge

Are you interested in joining a gym in Haninge? Then come by Port 73. Within our facilities you’ll find a gym and everything else you need to make your everyday life easier and more convenient. We know how difficult it can be to make everyday life go together where we want you to be able to prioritize your health. Start your workout journey today, get a membership and start exercising at the Nordic Wellness gym underneath the same roof as you perform other errands such as grocery shopping.

Benefits of Nordic Wellness gym in Haninge

Nordic Wellnessgym in Haninge has a wide variety of updated equipment and is suitable for you no matter if it is your first time training at a gym or if you are an experienced athlete. Whether you want to be faster, stronger, more mobile, or if you just want to feel better in your everyday life, there is an opportunity for you to reach your goals. In addition to the fact that the Nordic Wellness gym in Haninge is located in the same area where you can perform other errands, there are several other benefits, such as:

  • Open everyday all year, 5.00-23.00
  • Many different work out opportunities with an area of 2600 square meters
  • Close to Haninge centrum (1.5 km north)
  • You are allowed to bring your stroller until 14.00 on weekdays
  • Older children between the ages of 2-8 can join courses for the joy of movement

Forms of exercise

If you are interested in working out at a gym in Haninge, Nordic Wellness offers a wide range of equipment, exercise classes, and other exercise options that allows you to reach your goals however you like. The following forms of exercise are a few examples of what is available at Nordic Wellness:


Crossfit inspired form of exercise that gives you an all-round workout with various functional exercises and is suitable for you who want to train the whole body.

Climbing wall

A fun form of exercise that trains the whole body and challenges your resilience, endurance, and strength.

Group exercise

The group exercises allow you to tailor your training according to your goals. Nordic Wellness gym in Haninge offers many different group sessions that cover different parts of training, ranging from body pump to hot yoga and spinning. You can choose the group exercise that suits you best, or combine different workouts for a more comprehensive training.

Machine training and free weights

With the latest equipment, you can get a high-quality workout and adapt each session to what you want to achieve your goals.