Take a break at a café in Haninge

Are you looking for a good and nutritious breakfast or maybe meet some friends for lunch at a café in Haninge? Whether you want to relax and read the morning paper or take a break while shopping, we have several options to choose from at Port 73. Our one and only café, Chill-in Café in Haninge, offers a wide variety of drinks and food options including breakfast, lunch or a well needed coffee break. Welcome in!.


There are several benefits of visiting Chill-in Café in Haninge, other than the cozy and relaxing surroundings.

  • Tasty and healthy breakfast
  • Gives you a well needed change of scenery
  • Gives you the opportunity to read the morning newspaper in peace
  • A break between running errands and shopping
  • Both cold and warm lunch


Eating a hearty breakfast can stabilize your blood sugar and get you ready for the day. Café Chill-in gives you the best possible start to the day, with freshly baked bread and other nutritious options. Eating a healthy and tasty breakfast at Chill-in Café in Haninge is the perfect place for those who want a calm start to the day – either by yourself or with friends.

Breakfast is served between 10.00-11.00 everyday.

For lunch you are able to choose from various meals, both hot and cold. Fresh sallad, a good pasta or a tasty pie are only a few of the available options you can choose from in Chill-in Café in Haninge. The welcoming and friendly staff will be happy to help you if you have a special diet. Enjoying a good lunch is perfect for you who need to replenish your energy in-between your shopping, or why not catch up with family and friends?

Lunch is served 11.00-14.00 everyday.


Treat yourself with a break, and enjoy a good cup of coffee or delicious pastries. Chill-in Café offers classic Swedish fika with pastries such as chokladboll (chocolate ball) or prinsessbakelse (princess cake), and many more. There are also multiple options for you who prefer healthier raw food pastries, free from gluten, lactose and added sugar.


Mon-Fri: 10.00-20.00

Sat- Sun: 10.00-18.00

Chill-in Café is located in Port 73, 1.5 kilometers from Haninge Centrum.

You are warmly welcomed to stop by Chill-in Café in Port 73  – and enjoy yourself a good breakfast, lunch or fika!